Flinders Ranges=It popped out of the earth and became the moon.

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 2, 2002

Flinders Ranges=It popped out of the earth and became the moon.

It is the top of Flinders Ranges.
Flinders Ranges

The photo of the Chunichi (newspaper) reported the moon popped out of the earth.
I was told the atoms there which had hated to stay in the earth had popped out there and had become the moon.
Though the name of Flinders sounds sexual in Japanese, I understood as its mountain had given birth to the moon.
As the color of Flinders Ranges is brown owing to iron ore, I thought it is consistent with the information given by the atoms from the sky and the universe.
That means stars had hated to be ordered to line up neatly and the universe had been filled with the disgust of the discontent.
I was told the thought of the discontent had attracted the element of iron, which had grown up into the big melted chunks of iron.
It was the beginning of the earth which was drifting in the universe but God of the universe told the earth to stay in the place where it is staying now.
However a part of the elements of the earth hated to become the star of resentment and they popped out of the earth.
The part of popping out is the top of Flinders Ranges and the part which popped out of Flinders Ranges became the moon.
God of the universe asked Mercury to cool down the earth.
Therefore Mercury brooded and made water by which it cooled down the seething earth with water.
The sun presented the warmth, Saturn did the clothes of soil and Jupiter did the wood.
Therefore the earth became the star on which creature could live.
I was told there is no star like the earth in the universe with such creatures however broad universe is.


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