Hexagonal column

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 7, 2002

Hexagonal column

I felt pain in the ear when I cared about the rock hexagonal column.

"You understand the meaning of (6), don't you?
(body=limbs=4 + torso=1 =5)+(spirit=1) =6
Hexagonal columns were made by gullible elements.
They turned into the rock which became the hexagon slowly according to the instruction given to them.
Stone gods wanted humanity to know the meaning of (6) by any means.
Therefore they asked elements to turn into the hexagon.
As elements which knew the thought of Stone gods lined up neatly in a slow pace and made the rock pillars.

It was not only Stone gods who tried to let human beings know about the number(six).
The spirit of Mercury which was kind enough to make water had the same thoughts.
Therefore the crystal of water has the hexagonal shape."

Do the atoms from the sky and the universe want us to notice about the tortoiseshell rock which was made as hard as possible by Stone gods?

The tortoiseshell rock was presented to Aki-city from Neha-village in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Wildfire occurred in Gifu Prefecture.(?)
Incidentally the wildfire which had occurred on the day before in Mie Prefecture is related to the history of bygone days(?).

The other day Japanese TV projected the image of the six round lights which had been taken when Crop Circle had been made.
They must have been made as the atoms from the sky and the universe wanted to let people know the meaning of (six).
Incidentally (666)is often told as the number of Devils.
However the rumors of 666 was spread by the Ruler's Stars which hate that the truth about number six would be known to human beings.
(Three)is also important because it expresses the Trinity=body+spirit+subconsciousness(soul).

The following is the posting in the bulletin board.
(Dream) of Italian reader.

(Though I don't know the reason why the skin of the palm of the right hand has been peeled, I have lots of skin in the left hand.
The hexagonal pattern appeared in the point where the skin of the palm has been peeled and they looked like many tortoise shells.
There are red points in the center of each hexagonal pattern.)

The right hand=The spiritual work (=He is helping the work of edit and translation.) has been offered well by him.
Therefore the skin was peeled.
However he found the truth in the center of "six".
The left hand=It means he is doing the real work.
The long and short of it the left hand helped the right hand, too.

I was also informed about "Hexagonal column in Ireland".
Incidentally they say there are stories about the harp of a giant, the bridge of a giant in the place where there are Hexagonal columns and it seems to be the place where the Celtic mythology has been handed down.

Giant's Causeway in northern Ireland


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