How is this information conveyed by the beings from the sky and so on? @

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 28, 2001

How is this information conveyed by the beings from the sky and so on?

I thought the information which have been conveyed from the fall of 1998 one after another may become the last one some day.
However it has kept being conveyed without stopping.


I have been kept being conved the information which I don't know from the invisible beings which claim to be the spiritual bodies of stars.
The information was conveyed as my mouth began to move without permission after I experienced an experience.
The movement of my mouth turned into the very faint words.
The movement of my mouth waked me upsuddenly in the middle of the night.
I am also informed while I am watching TV.

Those given information tell about various events, the mysteries of the universe, ancient history, Crop Circles , and so on which are the one overturn the common sense.
The book titled "The messages from stars ‡V" is the book which has more information about the contents which have been given to me from the fall of 1998.
I was told the reason why stars let humanity know it is the way of today's human way of thinking about religions and ethnic can never bring about peace to the earth for ever.
Stars think if humanity solve the mysteries on the earth, they can rething the old way of thinking and they may want to make the earth more peaceful.
I write most of the texts according to the information given to me.
However most of them are the texts which I wrote down when I was made to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night.
As those texts were usually conveyed with the faint words or I had to remember later what was told as I had nothing to write with.
In addition stars don't know our information, especially place names or names of persons, they had to be conveyed through my knowledge.
When stars don't know the words, I try to fit the correct words.
If they are correct, they convey the next information, but if they are not correct, they clearly say, "It is not correct." and they don't tell the next information.
The descended subconsciousness(spirits)sometimes changes places with another one in the middle.
In that case, they sometimes tell another thing.
Though I'm making effort to tell exactly what I was told, please understand the circumstances as are told above.
I think myself the one like DJ who has "the antenna of universe" .
Therefore I'd like to leave the information given in this book to the judgement of yours.
There are lots of information which I can't understand among those information given to me.
Though it may be important to turn your eyes to those information which you don't know, you may get to be stressful if you keep trying to understand them.
I make it a rule to catch the information as one part of the big ones.
Those conveyed information is the one which have been given by the invisible spiritual bodies in the universe but it may be easy to understand as they are like stories.

¦ There are some points which told about religions but please note I have nothing to do with religions at all.


Thank you for your mail.

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