The third Crop Circle

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

May 15, 2002

The third Crop Circle

I went to see the formation of Crop Circle which were made in the neighborhood of my house.
I found a few more patterns have been added and the whole pattern had got clearer.
Another bigger pattern was found in the third wheat field which is a short distance away, crossing the road.
It seems to have been made by the same energy.
Though the wheat are not fallen neatly, the pattern looks strange.
I drew near to the side of it.
Both of the patterns of them can't be discriminated clearly if they are not seen from above.

I napped while I was considering what was the meaning of the third pattern at home.
I woke up as I felt a little pain in the back .
The pain has disappeared when I asked the atoms from the sky and the universe.

"They were drawn very well, weren't they?

(Are you the atoms who made the pattern?)

"I made the newer one which you found today."

(What does the pattern mean?)

"You may think there is no way."

(A rap sound, 'Pokon' was heard . )

It was drawn by the atoms who came from the universe.

(The words don't come out readily. )

The good thing has happened.
It got possible for the atoms from the sky and the universe to draw them as the planets lined up. "

(Does it mean the atoms from the sky and the universe could get the energy as the planets lined up? )

I asked the meaning of the patern after a little while.

"The pattern showed the spirit remains even after the body is erased.
It also shows a big thing will happen. (?)
It means situation will get better when people understand the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' and send a wareness towards the sky.
It is the announcements from us."


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