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The Megalith in US


Signal or sign from atoms

Signal or sign from atoms@

By Takashi

If you are accustomed to read the information "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA" , you will not need this description about the signal or sign, but it may be needed to those who have read it recently.
There are some who can talk with atoms.
One of them is Ms Taeko Shiraki.
However most of us can't talk with atoms.
Atoms want to tell what they think.
Therefore they look to the rapping sound or the signal or sign to our bodies.
As atoms which are around us are hearing our conversation, they show their feelings with rapping sound or the signal to our bodies.
What we talk or think is right, or when atoms want to convey something, we usually hear the rapping sound in the room.
As for signal or sign to our bodies, it is the itching or pain at one point of the body such as feet, hands or ears, etc.
It is sometimes purring feeling of eyes or discomfort of tooth etc.
It is the signal from the atoms from the sky or the spirits.
Ms Taeko Shiraki usually gets the signal in her body before channeling starts.
She knows some atoms such as the atoms from the sky or the universe, Stone gods or spirits of the persons in the world of spirits are about to tell her something through the channeling when she feels the signal in her body.
As for Takashi I felt the pain on the belly as if I had been poked by a needle several times when I became a member of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA.
Many of the members of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA feel the signal or sign in some parts of their bodies.
When they feel the signal or sign in their bodies, they usually say, "Oh,I got the signal from Atom-boy just now."
However some of the Atom-boys don't know how humans feel the pain when they give the signal to us.
In that case we sometimes feel the pain as hash as we can not stand.
If we were given such intolerable pain as the signal, we have to let Atom-boy know the pain is intolerable and should ask to reduce the intensity of the signal.
As one of the members got the intolerable pain many times in various parts of his body, he asked Atom-boy to give smaller sign only on the finger.
After that he came not to get the too strong signal.

By Ms Taeko Shiraki

Thank you for your explanation of the signal.
The signal is given generally to a part of the body by the itch or the very light pain 2~6 times.
Therefore I make out I am asked to know something.
Then I pay attention to the point where I was given the signal.
However I say in my mind, "Please wait until I finish eating." when I am eating something.
Then in my heart I talk to the sender of the signal what it wants to tell.
Then my tongue moves faintly and the movement of my tongue begins to form the words.
I confirm the movement of my tongue and verify until the movement of my tongue forms the words surely to the last words.
When I can't understand what is told I ask the question to the atom.
In case of the wrong answer, I can't utter the words for the conclusion.
In that case, I inquire again and again.
I repeat the questions until I get the clear conclusion.
The intense signal which have been given until now was the one given before the big earthquake of 3/11 in 2011 which came about in Tohoku district, Japan.
I felt the very intense signal in the right hip joint and the pain was not healed for hours.
I asked what atoms wanted to inform me.
I was given the words which said to me to convey the following to the government.
The word which I understood by the movement of my mouth said,"The government must not ignore the warning from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'."
Therefore I sent the mail of caution to the government.
Immediately after sending the mail of caution, the pain has gone and I was able to sleep well.
But I was to see the unexpected scene on TV the next day.
It showed terrifying scene of the giant tsunami smited Tohoku district.

In other case, I felt the intense signal in Yazd of Turkey, Vatican and Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
All of them are the area which are much related to the religions and I was informed a lot about the evil of the religions.
Therefore I think the atoms in the body hate the religions.
In these days the readers seem to feel the signal in their bodies when we are talking together.
The signal vanishes when the readers understand what the spirit of them want to inform.


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