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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz|Inside the walls of the Colosseum | Vatican@

By Sennari

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This@is yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz.

January 6,2006

Inside the walls of the Colosseum

Roman architecture is made of a thin, small brick on the outside.
Inside is so hardened with concrete in this way.
Some of inside parts are made of Pepper Pebbles and those hardened elongated things.

The beings of the stars told me through channeling as follows.

"If people insist the wall is made by a stack of bricks, please ask the architect what is the substance as hard as the rock in the era when humans did not have concrete."

Thick stone columns that were broken in this way are seen here and there means the writing brushes of Stone godsi=thick stone columnsjare broken.
As Stone gods saw the future world by his capacity of future perspective and found humans will not admit the Colosseum as the work of Stone gods protested it by breaking the thick stone columns.

January 8, 2006


The roof which represents a pinecone

Many statues of Stone men are overlooking.
Is it true large marble statues were curved and lifted up by humans?
Is it possible for the statues to keep standing on the roof for thousands of years just by adhesion?

We can see the emblem in the center,too.

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