Baths of Caracalla| Life-like stone statue

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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz|Baths of Caracalla| Life-like stone statue @

By Sennari

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This is yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz.

March 5, 2006

Baths of Caracalla

The closed windows

Though it is a little difficult to check, several windows of the Baths of Caracalla are blocked from inside by bricks .
I could not know the reason why the windows are blocked, when I saw them.
Later I was told the reason through channeling by the beings of the stars.
Atoms which turned into the wall multiplied in order to improve the thermal insulation by the instruction of Stone gods.
Incidentally,atoms seems to have made all the walls by the instructions of Stone gods.
We can agree and understand the building with countless bricks were not built by human beings.
Though the number of brick buildings which are out on the ground is just beyond imagination, it is said that much more remains buried under the ground and they come out wherever we may dig the ground of Rome.

Nov. 19, 2006

Life-like stone statue

This stone statue looks really alive.

The eyes of the boy riding a dolphin which I saw somewhere also looked as if it were alive.
Vessels, nails and uplift of the muscles are seen in other stone statues .

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