The seal of Antelope Canyon | The hole of the soup

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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz|The seal of Antelope Canyon|The hole of the soup @

By Sennari

This info is from@ Let's solve the enigma of the earth

This is yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz.

April 10, 2006

The seal of Antelope Canyon

Stone god of Antelope Canyon told me as follows.

"I pressed the seal to show these holes were made by the giant."

This is the pattern to which I was drawn attention.

The under part of the exit is narrow.

I@was told this passage shows Female genitalia.@
Light shines in the middle of the passage.@
Stone god told me how he made it.
At first he divided the soft body of him into two.
Next he made irregularities in one side and made irregularities in another side.
He drew two parts and left a little gap, he told. @

Antelope Canyon has a unique form.
It is the same type as Fengjie Natural Pit in China whose Stone gods opened a big hole in order to show the sky for the Stone gods in the underground.

April 10 2006

The holes of the soup

We find a lot of rugged mountains in the United States and Australia which have a lot of such holes .
These are the holes to give the soup to the alter egos or giants.
I was told the inverted nipples of the seal show them.

the inverted nipples of the seal

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