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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz Mosque | Ephesus| The pattern of Ephesus @


By Takashi

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This is yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz.


May 7. 2006


The semicircle represents Stone god.
The tower is the corpse which represents the writing brush=pen.
The small semicircles represent children of Stone gods.
A small golden spire is probably the influence of Buddhism and was attached later.


May 7, 2006


It is the building which looks like Petra.
It has only one room and the back side is the wall.
There is nothing at the outside of the back wall.
Stone men seemed to have been standing previously, but stone replica is standing now.
It is in the valley of the mountains, with less flatland and with no field around for the people to live in.
It is the building of the first work made by Stone humans imitating Atlantis.
Though Greece made the buildings later than Ephesu, Greek insisted they made the first ones.
Therefore Trojan War took place.


May 7, 2006

The pattern of Ephesus

It is said that it represents DNA, cellular, egg and cell division.
There are similar patterns like arches in many places.

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