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By Sennari

This info is from@ Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 1, 2006

The stone circle for Stone humans

This is the stone circle of Ohoyu-kanjouresseki in Akita Prefecture, Japan.
Stones are laid inside of it.
This type of stone circles are for the creating Stone humans, I was told.

Sep. 1, 2006


According to the doctrine, the big tree in ancient times has become fossil.@
However there are many rocks of this type which look they were not made from trees.
Carnac ruins show the stars before the war among the stars.
Stars were lining up in an orderly manner in those days.
However they arranged in loose after the war among the stars was shown by Pinnacles.
It was told through channeling.
Though@the surroundings of it is the bush, it is a desert only here.
I was told one Stone god turned into Pinnacles@like this.
There is the Dead Pinnacle near here where this kind of rocks are mushrooming, but we can see it only from the sky.

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