The work of Sirius | Aqueduct |  Dragon  | Vision 

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Aug. 4, 2005

The work of Sirius | Aqueduct |  Dragon  | Vision

On Aug. 3, 2005

I felt the signal in the left hip joint.

"I'm Sirius.
What Sirius wants to tell you is Sirius helped Stone gods.
Sirius taught the giants of Stone gods so that they could make stone buildings and Aqueducts.
They were able to cut out the bodies of Stone gods as they were soft then.
The bodies of Stone gods had been soft before they turned into the mountains.
Then the giant made the thin membrane like the cloth with the juice.
The giant made pyramids after he made the cubic blocks with the membrane as if he had made rice balls."

(I was told the same in an early time.
At that time TV projected the giant cloth found in Peru which can't be made even by modern loom as it has no seams.
TV told the cloth was mysterious.)

"I made Aqueduct as I had been told water was necessary for mankind.

(It means Aqueduct made of stones which were made in Rome, Greece and various places.)

(I asked whether he had made them after he had calculated.)

Sirius didn't stack the stones after I had calculated.
I imagined the completed Aqueduct and conveyed to Stone gods.
The atoms of Stone gods turned into the imagined shape after I had imagined it."

(I think giants stacked the blocks and it seems the parts which had been stacked connected with the next one firmly and kept the shape.)

I had felt bloated suddenly before I went to bed and the words came out of my mouth faintly.

"White dragons and golden ones will never be beaten.
It is their hope to rule Stone gods. "

(It is the dragons which was aroused by the believers of Dragons.
It was told in The faith to Dragon yesterday.)
I tried to declare, "I've erased." in a hurry but I was not able to complete my declaration of it absolutely though I was able to say, "I've era---."
Therefore I shot my body with the digital camera and deleted the image of it.
Then I was able to declare,"I've erased." and my body became at ease.
Thereafter I was told as follows through the channeling.

"The reinforcements to Dragon came from Oomoto (religious sect founded in 1892 as an offshoot of Shinto).
The Ohmoto had sent Dragons all over the world."

(The HP of the Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe) told the believers of Dragons of Izumo district had gathered together and had put up at the facility of Ohmoto on the day before the train accident of Amagasaki-city.)

I was told clearly through the channeling as follows in the early morning on Aug. 4, 2005.

"It has been revived as mates of the dragon had come.

(It means I was told sarcasm though I had erased Dragon yesterday.)

There are still, still mates of Dragon.
The Dragon of Jinmu(legendary founding emperor of Japan) has not come out.
Therefore Dragon of Grand Shrine of Ise has made a branch office in order to rule not only Japan but also all over the world.

(There is a pond named "The sea of golden dragon" in the site of Oomoto (religious sect founded in 1892 as an offshoot of Shinto).

Then Ohmoto became the origin of religion and every kind of newly born religion has been produced.
Stone gods have been sealed in this way."

(Soka Gakkai, Seicho-no-Ie, and so on are the religions which had splitted up and separated from Ohmoto.)


Ohmoto has tries to interact with every kind of religion like Vatican.
It was for the purpose to spread Dragons in the world of subconsciousness.)


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