Strategy to destroy the Earth

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Strategy to destroy the Earth | Postscript at twelve o'clock.  

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 23, 2005

Strategy to destroy the Earth(Postscript at twelve o'clock.)

March 23, 2005
At dawn.

Suddenly my tongue began to move and the movement of the tongue told me as follows.
"Stars are going to say good-bye to the earth.
This information does not spread from Japan even after long.
Therefore meaningless wars everywhere on the earth does not cease.
So big stars try to do the same thing with the Ruler's Stars.
As the Ruler's Stars is no longer on the earth and even though the earth became the beautiful planet, humans have not been changed at all, because they do not recognize the world of unseen subconscious mind.
Therefore big stars have thought to dominate humans as well as their own thought.  

(I smell of incense for a moment.)

There is still a plan to make the earth the place of only sand." 

*I am going to sleep from now.

* Ms Taeko Shiraki is usually woken up for channeling at night when she is asleep.
After she writes down what was told through the channeling on the bed, she sleeps again.
Therefore she writes "I am going to sleep from now."

"The Ohmoto(the central) of the universe decided to leave the earth to stars as human thinking does not change at all.
The cry for help from the earth will continue even after long and it reaches the end of the universe.
The cry for help will not end.
As humans did not know this info until 1998, the beings of the stars thought it could not be helped with.
But now humans are different.  
Even if we may inform much to humans, they keep ignoring the beings in the universe and they think humans are the wisest.
We can't bear such a way of thinking.
We have thought the time will come when humans accept this information eventually.
However those who do not accept and curse this info will never end, even though they were informed of it.
We have found that the large energy body has raised on the earth.
We found that only a few people try to fight against it.
Therefore tactics to devastate the earth* has been started."

* tactics to devastate the earth=I have often been told about it this year.
As the story is over-represented in the world of the subconscious mind, I was thinking the info lightly.
As a big earthquake actually happened, I thought we should consider it seriously. 

I heard the following in a state of a trance,
"The earthquake is the table tennis."

(Does it mean the following?
When the earthquake occurs in Japan, it also occurs in Chile, too.
When it occurs in Indonesia, it occurs in New Zealand, too. )

※Postscript at 12 o'clock

"You let people know at last, don't you?
Someone will die.
Those who will die are happy.*
It will be hard to live.
It emits the voice of further tragedy.
That's why it rains.
Please think why it rains so much even after the earthquake.

(*  Those who die in case of disasters are happy.= Those who die in disasters can play the roles of notice and can be happier as their struggle is rewarded in the world of the subconscious mind, was told by the beings in the universe.
That means those who played the role of notice can be born again sooner when they wish to be born again.)

It has been told previously what happens when human beings die.
However those who recognize that atoms have the subconscious mind can go to the inner universe even though they do not recognize the death.
That means they will have no fear of death. 
On the contrary, those who do not recognize that atoms have consciousness is just the same as ever.
They will have the same experience as the people (deceased famous people like Hirohito or Yujirou) whose painful messages I often told you.
When people of today die, they feel pain in this way.
There is no one who don't think even once they hate to die.
However I (the earth) don't hate to die.
Because there is no pain when I (the earth) die.
I feel more unpleasant than I die, because I hate to eat broken stuff * produced by humans.
Therefore I (the earth) ask the universe to help me(to make the earth the planet of only sand)

(* broken stuff=the mass of thoughts of human fear, suffering, resentment and sadness etc. )

The underground part(crust?) got thin.
That's why eruption of the volcanos * are increasing.
Stone gods are showing the evidence that they are making the underground part.
The other volcanos try to get thinner, too.

(After a while)
If humans get along with one another, we will refrain from doing it. "

* The eruption of volcanoes=It means the eruption at the same time in the several places in Aleutian Islands and St. Helena etc.

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