Carnac ruins and Pinnacles 

By Sennari(=Takashi)

I was told the biggest incident in the universe is that there was the star war.
Stars were lining up neatlyat first in the universe.
However I was told those stars which hated to line up neatly made a revolt and the lining of stars fell apart.
I was told the neat lining before the star war was expressed by Carnac ruins in France and the loose arrangement of the stars after the starwar was expressed by Pinnacles in Australia.

Pinnacles and Carnac ruins have the relation with each other.

Both the ruins were made to show the star wars which happened in the universe.
Once there was a star war which involved all the stars in the universe.
Before star wars, stars were lining in an orderly manner in the universe and it was shown by Carnac ruins.

Carnac ruins in France.

After star wars, lining in an orderly manner collapsed and it was shown by Pinnacles in Australia.

Pinnacles in Australia

Why the star war took place is explained in The story of the universe

April 30, 2005

Carnac stones(France)

They say stones are lining up as long as three q.
However it is said they are interupted in the middle because there were giants more than one who made arranged stones.
The big arranged stones called Kermario alignment is situated in the second lines and there is a Dolmen.
I was told it expresses the school gate as it was the giant of instructor who made this arranged stones.

The Dolmen which was beside the big arranged stones informs that a giant told to make Carnac stones.
The arranged stones inform that stars were arranged neatly at the beginning of the universe.
However stars who hated to be ordered to line up neatly caused wars and Milky Way was made.
The starry sky thereafter is expressed by Pinnacles in Australia.
(Stone in Pinnacles are mushrooming in the desert around which there are bush. )

Sep. 1, 2006


According to the doctrine, the big tree in ancient times has become fossil. 
However there are many rocks of this type which look they were not made from trees.
Carnac ruins show the stars before the war among the stars.
Stars were lining up in an orderly manner in those days.
However they arranged in loose after the war among the stars was shown by Pinnacles.
It was told through channeling.
Though the surroundings of it is the bush, it is a desert only here.
I was told one Stone god turned into Pinnacles like this.
There is the Dead Pinnacle near here where this kind of rocks are mushrooming, but we can see it only from the sky.

Jan. 8

Stone gods expressed stars which spread in the universe by the Pinnacles in Australia.

It is the Pinnacles, groups of mysterious rocks which represent Western Australia.

May 3, 2004

The dead body of a giant who made Pinnacles?

The correction on Nov. 12, 2007

(I wrote the giant of Stone god made the stone columns as I didn't know Stone man at that time. )

Here and there,there are big rocks which you can find in the behind of small rocks.
These Stone men, alter ego of Stone god seem to have turned into stone columns.
I was tod it after I was given a light signal in the leg.

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