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By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

July 22. 2007


Small white stones of Newgrange were remodeled at a later date.
Eaves were remodeled to see megaliths, too.
Stone human(ISHIJIN) before Newgrange sees his parent Stone god(ISHIKAMI).
It's the same as Stonehenge, Co.Wiltshire, England.
It was pitch-dark inside the stone chamber.
Standing Stone men(ISHIJINS) were created in the stone chamber.
Stone humans were made in the stone chambers both in Japan and Europe

They took care of human beings created in a stone circle.

July 22. 2007

Explanation of inside Newgrange

Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland.
A stone tunnel is 24 m long.
The tunnel leads three round chambers.


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