The first human NO2

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【Postscript】  The first human NO2  

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 5, 2002

【Postscript】The first human NO2

April 3, 2002

I woke up at midnight as my stomach was itchy.

"I am the first human.
Small humans came to increase since then.
As water was needed for the human, the round big thing(Stone god of Wave Rock) became flat and told me to drill a hole on the flat part.
As the round big thing was soft, it was easy for me to drill a hole.  
I told the humans to drink the water which was accumulated in it."

April 4, 2002
Teeth of mine breeze.

"I was the first human that was created.
I have something to tell you.
It was too hard to have a body in all aspects.
It was too difficult for me to walk as I was a huge giant.
I found it the hardest to find food after I was born as a human.
The beings in the universe were kind enough to send down much manna like mushrooms, but I really could not have enough."

I am going to sleep from now.

I woke up as I felt itchy around my mouth.

"I have something to tell.
As my body was too big to support my body with food.
Therefore the big round thing(Stone god) taught me what to eat.
The food was the thing like rats which were running around there.

(=Does it mean Quokka of marsupial in Rottonesu Island in Australia? Please refer to the below image)

The beings in the universe told me to eat them. 
Therefore I became somewhat healthy.
Big rats gathered around me, because the beings in the universe were kind enough to gather them. 
That is why animals move today led by beings in the universe.
We talked with Stone gods in Egypt with telepathy.
We asked them to make the things which will serve as the evidence about our existence for the future humans .

(Are they the giant statues of Memnon?)

Because they told me there are lots of food (wheat) in Egypt and Stone gods were healthy.
I found another giant of opposite sex.
Children were born between me and her.
Many were born at a time.
Though they were the ancestors of humans of today, they were not so wise.

Therefore I asked the beings in the universe to do the operation of the brains of them so that they could do the necessary movement for their living. 
Therefore the number of humans increased.
Even though we might die and turned into the subconscious mind, we were much anxious about them.
Therefore we taught them various matters with telepathy from the world of the subconscious mind.
Our bodies decomposed and disappeared after we died.
But the big round thing were left in the real world as it had turned into the rock.
Stone gods and their children, Daidarabotchi, mythical giants are the same beings."

After a while

"I recall our children were small but they could move more freely.
When they were born, they could walk by themselves.
They grew up by eating fruits. 
When they grew big, they ate the rats which I had eaten. 
Children were born to them, too.
Children of humans gradually got smaller.
The thing which humans were the most pleased was to drink water accumulated in the hole. 
Therefore we made rivers.
As the round big thing was kind enough to make the mountains, we, children of them, made efforts to make rivers.
That's why humans came to be able to drink water all year round."

(* It means rivers were not made by Stone gods but made by giants. )

After this channeling, I had a dream of the mountain on fire in an instant.

"Wildfire occurred.
Lightning came down, when we were in the river.
Large rats were burnt after burning for a while.
We found them delicious when they were burned with fire."

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