Carnac ruins in France@

By Takashi

Ms Taeko Shiraki told as follows.

Many stones are arranged from big ones to small ones as long as three km in Carnac in France.
It is the prehistoric ruins and they say no one can tell the reason of the arranged stones.

Carnac ruins and Pinnacles

There is Pinnacles in which strange shaped stones stand together in large numbers in Australia.

Carnac ruins and Pinnacles

I was informed unexpected matters from the beings from the stars that the pattern of the prehistoric white horse is related to them.

Carnac ruins and Pinnacles

The reason why those ruins exist is premised that atoms have consciousness and atoms with the same thoughts gathered together and became stars.
It seems no enigmas can be solved forever if we think countless stars are nothing but the chunks of rocks and gas.
Stars are the chunks of atoms and it has consciousness and I was told those stars were lining up neatly after they had been born.
However there were stars which didn't like to line up and stars which liked to line up neatly as stars have consciousness.
I was told the star war took place between the two and the wreckage of the war is the Milky Way.
Some of the stars which claimed to line up neatly are Tristar of the stars of the constellation Orion and they are lining up neatly even now.
I was told it is shown by the stones of Carnac ruins which have lined up and Pinnacles in which stones are loosely aligned.
White horse informed the row of stars became loose after the star war.
I was told it flew and informed from Europe to Australia.
There is Pinnacles in Australia in which strange shaped stones stand together in large numbers.

Carnac ruins and Pinnacles


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