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I saw a vision of Atom-boy!!@

By Takashi

Please let me explain this site.
I'm interested in megalithic and the stone circles.
For example, the following rocks are strange and fascinating.
I can find three faces on this rock.
Who put the upper rock on the below horizontal rock?

At first, let me introduce the woman who found atoms have consciousness, because Megalith and ruins are made up of atoms.
The woman who found it is Ms Taeko Shiraki, Japanese woman.
According to her, as the atom has consciousness they can do many things as well as talking to her.
She made the website to explain the atom has consciousness.
Her website is 'Let's solve the enigma of the earth'.
As the readers of the above site call the atom with the nickname 'Atom-boy'.
Some of the readers of the site can see the shape of Atom-boy.
One who can see Atom-boys told me the size of Atom-boy is about half of the lid of the plastic bottle.
Though the size of one atom is too small to see, the atoms with the same consciousness can gather together and form the shape of the small boy or the girl.
Atom-boy looks like a small boy or a girl with a round face.
The head and the body of Atom-boyiAtom-girljis almost the same size.
The size of them is about as big as a pet bottle lid.
They say each Atom-boy has the different face.
I was taught by Ms Taeko Shiraki that the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA says atoms have consciousness, operate the PC and cause the change in the human body etc.
Atom-boys can read characters and they are reading the mails, page of the site of PC or bulletin boards.
Atom-boy or Atom-girl sometimes leaves evidences by which he or she tries to show they are reading the mail.
As for me I sometimes get the mysterious mails in which there are unknown tags like < div> among the lines of the mails.
Oddly enough the senders of the mails don't make HP and don't know those tags.
Those tags are put near the important contents.
Therefore I can guess Atom-boy wants me to read the tagged part of the mail with care.
I have found atoms are reading the Internet site and when they find something bad, they usually let me know by changing the page garbled.
Once I mailed to my PC in my house from the shelter which I was constructing at the remote place from my house.
The mails usually reach my house immediately, but it took six hours to reach then.
I asked Ms Taeko Shiraki why it took six hours for E-mail to reach.
She was kind enough to ask Atom-boy the reason of the delay of my E-mail through channeling.
She can get the info from the Atom-boy or Atom-girl through channeling.
I was told Atom-boy doesn't like my shelter, because it is useless to me.
Therefore Atom-boy was kind enough to let me know it with the delay of E-mail.
A few days ago I met a member of "Let's solve the enigma of the earth", who told me Atom-boy gave her the tingling sign around the stomach telling her not to overeat when she was going to eat more .
Ms Taeko Shiraki usually seems to get the signs in some parts of her body before channeling start.
It seems the sign tells the beings in the universe has something to tell to Ms Taeko Shiraki through channeling.
Some told me they get the tingling sign around their stomachs if they eat fish without telling the words of thanks to fish, because fish are composed of atoms.
As there are too many examples related to the signs from Atom-boy I can't introduce all of them.
Anyway Atom-boy is always checking the internet site and when he finds the contents which are not appropriate to the reader, he makes the page of my site get garbled.
I found there are many who often got the signals from Atom-boys around Ms Taeko Shiraki.
Some of them told me they got the sign in the body from Atom-boy when the contents which were being told among them were correct.
The long and short of it Atom-boy is hearing the conversation of us and if the gist of the story is correct, Atom-boy give the signal of nodding .

As for me(Takashi), I had a chance to see the shape of Atom-boy by the vision.
Several days ago, May 22,2015 I was napping on the bed in the daytime.
When I woke up from the napping, I saw a white thing like a lump of the cloud, though I was still closing my eye lid.
The white mass like a cloud was moving from left to right.
Though it was the mere white thing like a cloud, it began to have two black dots just like two eyes when it came to the right corner.
Consequently I understood the vision was showing the figure of Atom-boy.
The figure of Atom-boy in the right side disappeared when it reached the right end of my vision and the next white mass of thing like a cloud turned up in the left side again as soon as the right end figure disappeared.
It moved from left to right as before.
Though it had no eyes at first, it had two eyes in the right as before.
The same vision was repeatedly shown more than twenty times.
At that time my brain got clear as I awoke completely.
Though the vision was interesting, I thought there was no end of the vision if I kept closing my eyes.
So I decided to open my eyes, got out of the bed and started to sit at my PC desk.

By the way the channeling of Ms Taeko Shiraki is completely different from other channeling.
People who get the info from common channeling hear the voice which resounds in the head of the channeler, but in case of her channeling, her tongue moves faintly and she translates the movement of her tongue into words.
Therefore she does not hear the voice.
The good point of her channeling is that she can contact the atoms which have consciousness.
The megalithic which are found all over the world are composed of atoms with consciousness and they tell her how such megalithic was made.
She was told the amazing stories from Megalith.
As the site which Ms Taeko Shiraki made is written in Japanese, I decided to translate it into English and I made the below web site to show the English translation.

From the caretaker of the above English site, Takashi.

The movie of Stone gods

Thank you for your mail.

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