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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAz|Mar lock@|The rock of H2O| Mar lock| The rock of CO| The rock of Sirius@

By Sennari

This info is from@ Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Sep. 25, 2005

Mar lock  The rock of H2O

Two rocks which stick to each other show H2 and round rock shows O of atomic symbol was told through channeling.

Sep 25, 2005

Mar lock,@  The rock of bn

I went out all the way as I wanted to see this rock.
This park is located in the wilderness of 100km south of Tennant Creek.
Such sudden cobbles are mushrooming there.
I was told through channeling@as follows before visiting there.
The round stone represents O of atomic symbol and the rock of half the moon represents C.
It is said that every stone combination represents molecules.
If we look this stone from a different angle, we can see something is put on top of the head, but I do not know the meaning so far.

Sep. 25, 2005

The rock of Sirius

The spine was made by Sirius and it has the form of the shape of Sirius=the form of mortarspine.@

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