Remarkable Rock(The earth and the moon) 

By Takashi

This is translated into English from the mail of Ms Taeko Shiraki.

Sep. 25, 2005

Remarkable Rock(The earth and the moon)

It is in the small island which lies at the southern end of Australia.
Though the circumference is the bush, the giant rock showed up suddenly at the side of the sea and there are various shaped rocks on it.
The beings from the stars explained the each meaning ot the strange rock.
I was told the rocks express the state of the earth and the moon.
The elephant is thought to be the symbol which expresses the earth.
The small rock, next one of the elephant rock  expresses the moon.
The light brown(moss) expresses the color which expresses the color of Stone god's descending to the earth.
The light brown shows it is doing the good job.
The opposition color of good job is expressed by black.

Please refer to the biological dictionary for the explanation of an elephant.

Sep. 25, 2005

Remarkable Rock(It expresses the moon.)

It is at the side of the big rock with the cavity.
(Big rock expresses the earth.)
The moon has the shape of the steel helmet.
The reason why it is shown by the steel helmet is the moon is the mate of the Ruler's Stars and has made humans contend.

Sep. 24, 2005

Remarkable Rock

There are mysterious rocks which look as if they were made by clay modeling here and there.
I wonder how science explain that rocks are on the rock.


Thank you for your mail.

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