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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORAz, Aqueduct in Turkey, Cappadocia, The stone door of underground city of Kaimaruku, Stone box of Hierapolis ruins, The stone pavement|stone columns and theatrical architecture of Ephesus

By Takashi

This info is from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

May 7, 2006

Aqueduct of Turkey

This Aqueduct was once ten and several km long? , and some of it have been remained firmly.
It is impossible to imagine it was made only for supplying the water for the bath.
I was told by the beings in the universe that it had been made by Stone gods' multiplying ability.

The following is the page of Great Wall of China.
Great Wall of China


May 7, 2006


I have often seen mushrooms-type rocks, but the round rocks of this type seems to have represented Stone god themselves.
We can find the border clearly, and we can find the meaning why the different rock is caught in the middle of the rock.
I often saw that kind of rocks in other places.
The mushroom-shaped hats represent Stone gods have brain and white necks represent the truth.


May 7, 2006

The stone door of underground city of Kaimaruku

It is said there are rooms in which several thousand people can live.
It may be possible for humans to live near the entrance, but I thought it is utterly impossible to live in the rooms which are in a little inner places.
Moreover the wall is too solid and it seemed impossible for humans to dig them.
Donut-shaped stone tools represents the thoughts of Sagittarius and Stone men recalled they are the atoms from Sagittarius when they saw it.
Donut-shaped stone is like the door and it showed itself to the Stone men who were going out of the hole by moving itself, was told to me through channeling.


May 7, 2006

The stone box of Hierapolis ruins

There are many rectangle stone boxes here and there on the small hill.
There are also the lined stone columns and round masonry.
Though the stone boxes were used as graves? in later years, Stone men were also made by gathering of the atoms inside the stone boxes .
Many of the stone boxes are a little small and are they the ones for children?
The thing seen far away is the hot springs of lime, Pamukkale .
As the created humans were apt to die when their body got cool, they were warmed by hot springs.
Hot spring water was pulled to the groove under the front concrete?


May 7, 2006

Stone pavement of Ephesus , stone columns and theatrical architecture.

There were small stone pavement in Turkey like in Rome, but large stones are lined up in general.
Stone columns of giants of Stone gods are lined so that humans which were made by the aggregation of atoms could get the tighter aggregation by walking between those stone columns.

Those stone columns were made by Stone gods here prior to Greece.

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