Rosetta Stone(in British Museum)  

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Rosetta Stone(in British Museum)

As I had been asked to go to see Rosetta Stone through the channeling before starting for the survay trip, I went to see it and maily visited Egypt.
I have been informed from the beings from the stars that interpretation about hieroglyphs is wrong.
The channeling started suddenly at night and told as follows.

"The first characters tell "This is made of my dried my body."
I showed the vision to a small human and made him draw the characters."

Though I saw a giant work of art in Egypt, I was overwhelmed by the giant size of it again and thought it was not the work made by humans.

The channeling told me to see it first.

The first characters tell, "It was made by my dried body."

The above was told at night.

The interpretation of hieroglyphs is wrong have been told since previously days.


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