The equality in the universe

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NO 76

The equality in the universe

By Sennari(=Takashi)

I got the mail with no HN from the reader of my site.
As the mail says very good and may be helpful to your understanding of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, let me introduce the summary of it to the reader of this site.
The sender of the mail told me in his mail as follows.

------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
As THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is got through channeling, it seems like a kind of religion.
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He added as follows.
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According to the psychic acquaintance the longevity of humans is decided.
Those who are destined to die will surely die.
Moreover those who are destined to live will survive no matter what disaster may happen.
All we have to do is to live indifferently.
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Therefore the caretaker of this site(Mr.Sennari=Takashi)summarized his mail and added the response to his mail.


By Takashi(Sennari)

Thank you for your mail.

You wrote as follows.

------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------
As THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is got through channeling, it seems like a kind of religion.
------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- --------------

What you say is almost all the readers of my site may think when they read the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
I have often got the mail which told about Let's solve the enigma of the earth. when I didn't know about THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
I read it, but I was not much impressed then.

I was just like you of today.
However I can't be impressed whatever info I may read besides the one of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA now.
Previously you said to me , "The channeling says good first but its info get worse later."
To tell the truth, I addicted to the shady channeling which you told previously.
However I put an end to the channeling info at last , because I came to know the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Let me write the gist of the channeling.
There seems two types in the channeling.

@Ordinary channeling
ASpecial channeling

@Ordinary channeling is the channeling info which we know well in the internet world.
This channeling info is given by the energy body of the Ruler's Stars which is close to the human bodies and it occupies humans ' heads.
When people are lost in meditation, those strong energy bodies intrude into people's heads and occupy them.
Therefore big voices resound in their heads.

This kind of channeling info is the one in which I addicted previously.
Those channeling info mainly tells spirit theory and sound good at first glance, but there is no destination however long we may read them.
As you seem to know well about @, let me omit the further explanation.
The info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is the special channeling info of A.
Even if we may say "special", how can we distinguish from ordinary ones?
We can't distinguish from the word of 'channeling'.
Moreover there are only few who can do the channeling ofA in the world.
It may just possibly Ms Taeko Shiraki of Let's solve the enigma of the earth.
The signal of A which is sent to Ms Taeko Shiraki is too weak to receive by ordinary people.
Moreover the signal is not heard in the head as voices, but it makes the tongue of the recipient move.
Therefore the recipient of the signal has to translate the movement of the tongue into the words.
There are occasionally some who get the signal of A.
However translation to words is too hard and recipient can't understand the story from the short signals .
Therefore Ms Taeko Shiraki may be the only woman who can get the long stories with the signals sent from the beings in the universe.
For example even if the blind person may be asked to describes the overall picture of the elephant, it is impossible to describe it with only the touch of one part of the elephant.
Therefore channeler of A have to get the long signals to have the meaningful sentences.
The common channeling of @ convey only the spirit theory.
It is useless thing which is good for nothing, though it sounds good at first.
They usually say as follows.
If you believe this channeling info, you can escape the catastrophe.
But never to tell others as this info is only for you.
Maybe this is the characteristics which attract people by @.
I also got that kind of channeling mail last May, which told the catastrophe would happen in June of 2014 but never to tell anyone about it because it was the secret information.
Moreover the mail told me many people would die in the catastrophe.
I waited June would be over but nothing happened.

The person who mailed me must have consented by being told through channeling the catastrophe was extended to the later days.

THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA info is given through the special channeling of A.
Though the info got by channeling @ shows no evidence, channeling A can show countless evidences on the earth.
One of the main info given by the beings in the universe is megalithic civilization.
The first thing that we have to pay attention is why is the megalithic civilization left on the earth? .

The megalithic, Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage) in Nara Prefecture, is famous in Japan.

Tumulus of Isibutai

However there are countless megalithic are left in Japan besides Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage).
Most of megalithic in Japan exist deep in the mountains.
Therefore the general public can't see them easily.
However there are many masonry in the cities of Europe or Middle East.
Stone statues which can't be made even by modern humans exist in the cities.

In other case the beings in the universe have made countless Crop Circles on the ground in Europe by which they try to let the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA know to humans.
Please refer to Crop Circle 481~500

Crop Circle 1~ 509 which have been introduced in 'Let's solve the enigma of the earth'

Japanese people may not be able to distinguish the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA from the common channeling info, when they hear the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is the channeling info.
Therefore it may be better to explain how the megalithic civilization was made and who made them to the people of Europe and Middle East who usually see stone civilization first.
The long and short of it, even though Japanese people may know about megalithic civilization in their knowledge, they do nothing but wonder Tumulus of Isibutai(Stonestage) in Nara is great and wonder people in ancient is great.
It is nothing but 'pearls before swine' even though we may try to inform about megalithic civilization to Japanese people.

If we consider those points, the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA may be understood by the people in foreign countries earlier than Japanese, because the people in Europe and Middle East live among megalithic which is one of the main themes of the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
You can find Question-and-answer session in the following part written by Ms Taeko Shiraki who is the channeler and made Let's solve the enigma of the earth .

According to the psychic acquaintance human longevity is decided.

There is a member named Mr.Roku among the members of Let's solve the enigma of the earth

It is said he can predict the time of the death of other persons.
As there are such people who can predict the death time, we are apt to think longevity is decided in advance.
Even though longevity may be decided, some people rob the others of their lives and can extend one's longevity, says Ms Taeko Shiraki.
When this happens, the problem of longevity gets confusing.
According to Ms Taeko Shiraki, the fate of humans are ruled by the world of the subconscious mind.
Even if your psychic acquaintance may tell longevity is decided, he can't tell what being decide it, I think.
Maybe he will tell God decides it.
At this point the being called God will be on stage and usually induce the people to side street.

Even though you may read the above explanation of mine, you may not be able to agree it.

[All that we have to do is to live indifferently emphasizing the problem of today.]

The contents which you quoted seems very important.
However it is impossible to follow such a life without knowing THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Now I am in the miserable situation because I made the big shelter as I had not known THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.

I wrote this page in the morning and I checked it again in the afternoon.
I found all the words of the page got garbled.
I have found atoms are reading the Internet site and when they find something bad, they usually let me know by changing the page garbled.
As the atom has consciousness , they can do many things.
Once I mailed to my PC in my house from the shelter which I was constructing at the remote place.

The mails usually reach my house immediately, but it took six hours to reach then.
I asked Ms Taeko Shiraki why it took six hours for E-mail to reach from the shelter to my house.
She was kind enough to ask the atom the reason of the delay of my E-mail through channeling.
I was told the atoms didn't like my shelter, because it would be useless to me.
Therefore atoms let me know it with the delay of E-mail.
The readers of Let's solve the enigma of the earth call the atom with the nickname 'Atom-boy'.
Some of the readers of the site can see the shape of Atom-boy.
One who can see Atom-boys told me the size of Atom-boy is about half of the lid of the plastic bottle.
The other one told the size of Atom-boy is about 20 centimeters.
Atom-boy looks like a small boy or a girl with a round face.
The head of Atom-boy(Atom-girl) is as big as the size of the body.
Each Atom-boy has the different face.
The info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA says atoms have consciousness, operate the PC and cause the change in the human body etc.
Atom-boys can read characters and they are reading the mails, page of the site of PC or bulletin boards.
Atom-boy sometimes leaves evidence by which he tries to show he is reading the mail.
As for me I sometimes get the mysterious mails in which there are unknown tags like

< div>among the lines of the mails.
Oddly enough the senders of the mails don't make HP and don't know those tags.
Those tags are put near the important contents among the statement lines of mails.
Therefore I can guess Atom-boy wants me to read the tagged part of the mail with care.
A few days ago I met a member of "Let's solve the enigma of the earth", who told me Atom-boy gave her the tingling signal around the stomach telling her not to overeat when she was going to eat more .
Ms Taeko Shiraki usually seems to get the signal in some parts of her body before channeling starts.
It seems the signal tells the being in the universe has something to tell to Ms Taeko Shiraki through channeling.
Some told me they get the tingling signal around their stomachs if they eat fish without telling the words of thanks to fish, because fish is composed of atoms.
Though any food is composed of atoms, atoms of fish often appeal to humans by signals, I heard.
As there are too many examples related to the signal from Atom-boy I can't introduce all of them.
Anyway Atom-boy is always checking the internet site and when he finds the contents which are not appropriate to the reader, he makes the page of my site get garbled.
Therefore as I told above I found the page garbled and I thought it may be better I would erase the page.
However next time I tried to access the page, I found the garbled page had returned to the normal page.
Then I thought the contents of the page is not denied by Atom-boy but there is something that Atom-boy wanted to tell me.
I wondered what it is exactly?
I thought atom-boy is telling it may just possibly you are just like what I used to be and you can't understand what I tell you now.

I found there are many who often get the signals from Atom-boys around Ms Taeko Shiraki.
Some of them told me they get the signal in the body from Atom-boy when the contents which is being told among them are correct.
The long and short of it Atom-boy is hearing the conversation and if the gist of the story is correct, Atom-boy give the signal of nodding .

The more amazing, the world of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA get, the more I get to know it.
The info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA is very mysterious.

However no one will be worshiped in the world of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
It is because equality is the most important in the world THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, they say.
Therefore even though Ms Taeko Shiraki is the only woman that can get the info of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA, she will not be worshiped.
The point is a lot different from the common sense of the world.
She always says , "I'm nothing but a channeler and all I have to do is to tell people the info got from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA."
She tells those who are worshiped in this world will have a harsh life when they go to the world of the subconscious mind after they died.
She says many famous deceased people who have been dead and are in the world of the subconscious mind appeal to her because they are painful.
For example Yujiro Ishihara who was the famous actor in Japan and died 26 years ago appealed to Ms Taeko Shiraki with tears he had to fall headlong from the world of the subconscious mind when people of this world recalled him in case of Buddhist memorial service and so on.

Thank you for your mail.

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