Ajloun Castle(Jordan)@

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 14, 2007

The stone with Arabian characters

Arabian characters(?) are written on the stone in the Ajloun Castle(Jordan).
This castle is a young Stone god who was fooled by the Ruler's Stars which seems to have made young Stone god scramble by dint of making the castle and incured the strives.

Jan. 14, 2007

The window and round stones in Ajloun Castle(Jordan)

This building has also the windows whose width are 15cm or less and they are very narrow.
This narrow windows show Stone human with wings were able to slip through as the coupling of atoms of the body were loose, I was told.
The round stones are put here and there.
However they were not used for the weapon but they show the earth (=round) and hierarchical relationship is strict (=the loard of the castle,@the servant and the commoner)
Incidentally as the window is narrow, these stones can't be thrown through them.
If they had been thrown from the window, they would have been on the ground a lot.
But most of them are in the castle.

Jan. 14, 2007

Ajloun Castle(Jordan)

The castle was made on the natural stone.
It seems that this Stone god was eccentric as his lower body turned into natural stone and upper body became stone masonry.


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