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By Takashi

This info is translated into English from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan.8, 2008

Various shaped stone columns

This is the square building which is in the stone circle made of giant pillars.
The surrounding stone columns form the ring with columna pillars or square pillars.
Those pillars gave energy to the cener of the ring and further energy was given in the stone single room which stays in the center of stone circle.
I was told humans were made in the stone room.
The square of the entrance of this building show Sirius , columna pillar expresses Sagittarius and spiral pillar express Serpens (constellation).
Each gave energy and made humans, I was told.
The color of the entrance is red because they made humans in which blood flew.
As the double masonry gave energy of more Stone gods to the newly born humans who gained the supernatural power which was close to Stone humans.
However mates of Pleiades were involved in making humans and many grotesque decorations which are shown in the foreground were made .
Abnormally many orbs are captured in other images of this church.
Some of orbs are captured in this image, too but we spiritually chopped them and turned them into the original atoms.

Jan.8, 2008

The entrance to the star-shape hole

There is a star-shape hole in the basement to which people step down the semicircle staircase.
There is also the semicircle staircase for stepping up near here.

Jan.8, 2008

The incarnation of Serpens (constellation)

Though I hesitate to introduce this image, I decided to open it to public in order to ask people to know firmly how vicious bad stars are.
They say that this image shows the being which really existed.
The wings, nails and ribs can be distinguished, and above all the face is realistic.
They say a brave man of Orion got rid of it.
As a lion ate a human in these days, he played 'the role of notice' by entering the cage by his own accord because this monster ate humans.

---It has not been cleared why he entered the cage this time.


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