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yThe images of THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORAzb@Stone humans who blended into the wall@b@The pyramids of Khufu @b@VaticanyPostscript Dec.25,2012z@b@VaticanyPostscript Dec.25,2012z @

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from@Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 12, 2010

Stone humans who blended into the wall

yPostscript Dec.25,2012z

Half body of Stone humans blend into the wall.


The pattern, such as the countless Egyptian hieroglyphs now stand out in relief.
One of the readers who went to Egypt saw the vision in which those Stone humans blended into the wall.

After that I noticed the stone statues which buried half in the wall.

Stone humans are the chunks of atoms which are the same with the ones of walls.
We can find they have many components of silicon (Si) which have the relationship with Sirius.

March 12, 2010

The pyramids of Khufu
ªPhoto was presented by Mr.‚h

Pyramid was such a big boulder pile piled 3.2 million units.
How could little human cut out(?) these huge rocks?
From where?
And how did they build up this karge number?

According to the info from THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)SORA, one part of Stone gods like dice were put side by side, which were taught by Sirius.
Those dices were ordered to multipy all at once and they were piled up promptly.
Though there is the room of the king, it was made to show the stones were piled up even inside of the pyramid.
It was made by piercing the Obelisk so that humans were able to enter the pyramid and were able to see the inside of it.
It was made while stones were soft.
The stone box was put inside the pyramid by the giant of Stone humans.
I was told the stone box had been used for creating Stone humans on the ground.

March 11, 2010

The pyramids of Khufu
ªPhoyo was presented by Mr I.

It represents humans have to help each other.
It also represents the world of the subconscious mind sent two bodies(man and woman) so that humans can help each other.

March 2, 2010

VaticanyPostscript Dec.25,2012z

All are made of marble.
Is it possible to carve it by the chisel?

VaticanyPostscript Dec.25,2012z

All the statues seems to have changed into marble with the lifted up big cloth covering the top of the stone box .
The feeling of the fabric seems to be very gorgeous and thick.
I noticed just now that Stone woman on the left is holding a baby Stone human in the arms.
It shows Stone humans were made in the stone boxes, which were often told by the beings in the universe.
This is one of the photos taken in a hurry as there are too many stone statues there.

March 2, 2010

VaticanyPostscript Dec.25,2012z

All are made of marble.

VaticanyPostscript Dec.25,2012z

Although the stone box is covered with the cloth as well as stone box above ª there is no profound feeling.
As the energy of the stone box got weak for the birth of Stone humans, Stone humans seem to have covered it with the thin cloth and gave more energy to the box.
The thin cloth was made of the * soup which was solidified like dried bean curd.
The woman has a lithograph on which words are carved.
She seems to have taught the words to Stone humans who were born in the stone box.
The head of the man on the right side is wearing a hat by which he supplies the –soup.
(*The juice or the soup is the liquid which contains the ingredients of Stone gods and it came out from Stone gods)

Each Stone human is dressed in a loose cloth and I thought the cloth was to prevent drying of Stone humans because they hated the drying.
However they seems to have got the energy from the cloth.
The relief on the stone box was for the attracting atoms which want to do such things drawn by the relief.
I was told Stone humans ruled by the Ruler's Stars were involved in those acts.

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