【 Postscript on Feb. 10, 2015】 The building with natural stones and stone masonry(Qasr Karak) | Qasr Karak(Amman) 


By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Jan. 7, 2007

【Postscript on Feb. 10, 2015】The building with natural stones and stone masonry(Qasr Karak)

The under part of the outer castle wall is made up of the natural stones and the inside of the building is made up of the combination of natural stones and stone masonry in this way.
They say stones and artificial bricks can't be joined with stucco.
(The ruins of Great Zimbabwe was still made up of the natural stones and adobe bricks.
I was informed that ruins proves that they are not sticked together with stucco.)
The stones and bricks(?) sticked together admirably in this ruins and it shows the body of Stone gods turned into those ruins.
And half of this castle is in the soil and the roof of the building became the ordinary land in which there are holes like chimmneys here and there.
The Stone humans with wings seems to have gone in and out from those holes.
The fragment of epigraphan inscription on which Moab characters were carved was found in Karak.
David's grandmother Ruth is from Moabite and I think ancestors of Jews are related to this place, too.

【Postscript on Feb. 10, 2015】

When a pilot of Jordan was caught by Islamic State, he was naked in the lower body.
It seems to show the stars related with Sirius made human hip joints, organs, and so on.
Though his death was the very miserable last moment, maybe his subconsciousness(=spirit) would have parted from the body earlier than we think and have observed around from above.
Recently tears fell and the corner of my eye was sore but the channeling informed me as follows at last today.

"That's right.
We wanted to inform you about it."

The above words came out of my mouth and tears stopped to fall.
There are respectable work of art like Petra made by Stone gods in Jordan.
Stone gods of Petra had been waiting to be noticed by people in Jordan that those ruins have consciousness.
However people of Jordan ignored it and it seemed they lost the peace.

Jan. 7, 2007

Qasr Karak(Amman)

Though it exists on the mound, it is the castle whose half is under the ground.
There are some parts of the roof which is covered with soil.
The shapes of arches are seen here and there.
They are made up by stacking up the stones.
The small rooms of semi-basements are lining up.


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