The golden ratio and the circle

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The golden ratio and the circle | The earth was rectangle box-type at first

By Takashi(Sennari)

This info is from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Feb. 3. 2010

The golden ratio and the circle
The image was introduced by a reader.

The earth was rectangle box-type at first.
Obare Stone of Mt.Gozaisyo,in Japan

The earth was like these two rectangle box-type rocks at first.
Two rectangle box-type rocks coalesced into round shape.

When two rectangle shapes of golden ratio coalesce each other, the round shape can be made easily.
The two rocks of semicircle which are made of the things like "the light, puffy cake made of ground fish called Hanpen" coalesced into one sphere.
The semicircular rocks in Australia shows it.

The reason why the rectangle of golden ratio was used for making the sphere was that it does not crack easily when two of them becomes the sphere.
The protruded part from the circle is the Stone gods of four corners .
The two rectangle box-type of Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere from which four corners were taken out coalesced and they became the round earth.
It was shown by the round rocks in Australia.

The earth which got rounded has a faint crack and it is called African Rift Valleys.
African Rift Valleys

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