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yPostscriptz From elder Stone god | The earthquake in Taiwan@|@legendsthe Ruler's Stars @

By Sennari

This info is from@ Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 1, 2002

yPostscriptzFrom elder Stone god bThe earthquake in Taiwan@b@legendsthe Ruler's Stars

Suddenly before dawn

"I thought and thought without sleep every night so that human child would not die.
I was the being from a good star as I made the objects neatly so that humans could understand the meaning of them.

iThe words hardly come out.j
iHe is the elder Stone gods of Sagittarius who turned into the rock of Wave Rock.
He seemed not to know the word, Sagittariusj

I think if we, Stone gods had not been on the earth, humans could not have lived.
Humans were too weak compared with other animals.
Humans needed food to eat on the earth.

iMy stomach sounded loudly as a sign.j

Food was very important.
We asked the beings in the universe to make the fruit.
It rained appropriatly at that time and fruit trees grew.
However we found humans couldn't survive the cold with only fruits.

iSuddenly the vision of the animal like a big rat or squirrel of the back side was seen but I did not see the face of it.j

We taught humans to eat those animals a little.
Moreover the skin of humans was too soft.
As the skin was always damaged, we asked the beings in the universe to add something to heal the wounds in the grass.
The climate of the earth was harsh.
It was too hot or too cold.
Therefore we made caves.

At 3 o'clock on April. 1, 2002
I woke up as my back was itchy.
iI had gone to sleep while thinking about the earthquake in Taiwan j

"I am Stone god of Taiwan.
As I couldn't bear, I caused the earthquake.
Even though I warned so much about Dragons last year, I found humans still believe in them.
I found big Dragon turned up on TV programithe comicjof yesterday and Dragons have still been believed in.
Though I knew it is not good to cause the earthquake, I couldn't bear as humans believe in Dragons even now.

@ There still remains several caves with the mark of giant's fingers in the megalithic in Western Australia.

At noon on April 1
When I was viewing another website, I head the sound of sat bell clearly.
It is the sign which tell me to ask Stone god more.
iIs there anything more to say? )

"I let the following dream see."

I had had a mail reporting the following dream.


"As there is a tree which I have never seen near my house I was playing with the climbing the tree with three of my close friends.
Then the man with square face with golden and rusty ears which were trussed up with the bandage chased all of us.
We ran away to the police station."

The meaning of the above vision told through channeling@is as folloows.

"Everything has been hidden.
The dream of golden ears represented the man can do channeling, which means he can understand the words even though he doesn't hear the sound.
However the rusty ears mean he can't do channeling because the ability of channeling got rusty.
His face is trussed up with the bandage represents the giant has never eaten humans.
We have known those who were dominated by the Ruler's Stars fabricated the stories that the descendants of the giants whom we made ate humans.
And we have known those stories have been believed long.@
It is nothing but the outrageous myth.@
We have never eaten lovely humans.
The Ruler's Stars fabricated such the stories.
I just want to let people know this thing".

@There are legends which tell giants ate humans in Europe, too.

I was told those stories were fabricated and conveyed by those who were dominated by the Ruler's Stars in order to conceal the existence of Stone gods.

@I saw the terrifying Dragon was projected on the screen of Nagoya Dome in case of home run.

yPostscript on Feb. 19, 2007 z

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