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By Sennari

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Aug. 24. 2011

The stone bar with eyes

I was told in Ireland that alter egos of Stone gods made eyes first in order to let humans who would turn up later years know that stones have consciousness, too.

This stone bar represents it well.

All the stone bars have been interpreted as the symbol of men.
However the male genitals turned up in late period, which we can understand when we see the stone statues in Europe.

July 29, 2007

The beginning of Stone humansbEye
At Scottish museum

Stone humans were born from Stone gods because Stone gods were too big to move easily.
The beginning of Stone humans was shown in the various patterns.
The symbol of Stone humans were shown as eyes like the pattern on this rock at first.
Eventually they turned into the shapes like Moai statues which looked like humans and they changed into human-type Stone humans with hands and feet.
Stone humans were made in the stone chambers and they taught humans.

The stone bar with eyes in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.


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