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By Takashi

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Feb. 19, 2004


In the evening on Feb. 18, 2004

I had the feeling to be touched lightly on the overhead.
As I had felt the same feeling when the subconscious mind descended to me previously, I tried to concentrate my attention and enumerate a variety of names but in vain.
At last I came up with the name of Bartholomew.
The channeling was started.

"I'm Bartholomew.
Thank you for having written about me.
I'm happiest now.
I was reborn as Francesco.
As I found that Jesus came into Assisi, I really wanted to be born in that place.
Though I was born there, I had a love that was not permitted and my mind was messed up.
I was alive and just thought only about Jesus.
Since Jesus had been kind enough to come to Italy in search of my parents, I thought I would return the favor."

I couldn't sleep on Feb. 19.

"I'm Bartholomew.
I also came to Japan.
I'm the man who is sleeping at the place(Mt. Ikoma in Japan) where you visited me.

※Postscript on Dec. 29, 2004

(In those days I thought Bartholomew is sleeping at the tomb which is regarded as the tomb of Jesus located at Singou village in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.
As I had visited Mt. Ikoma previously, I came to find his tomb was at Mt. Ikoma.
The subconscious mind of Bartholomew seems not to be sure about the place name.

I was the 13 th disciple of Jesus.
I named the place where we landed from the ship 'thirteen'. (=the port of Tosaminato in Aomori Prefecture, in Japan and Tosa means "thirteen" in Japanese)

Bartholomew came to Japan with others as one of the boatman.
The other man claimed 'Sakaguchi' in order not to forget the slope of Golgotha."
Saka means slope in Japanese.)

I am going to sleep from now.

*  Sakaguchi family=They are said the descendants of Jesus but they are neither the descendants of Jesus nor the ones of Bartholomew.
I'm told they are the descendants of a boatman who came to Japan with the others.
* The place name of Tosaminato came to be called later years?

* Thirteen is called Jyu-sou in Japanese.
Jyu means Jews and sou means 'think so'.
People call Jyusou as place name in Osaka, Japan.
* Thirteen =Jyu-san(in Japanese)=Jyu (Jews)+ san(Prick was over, and I was away from the pursuers.)  

In the morning on Feb, 19.

"I was born Assisi in Italy.
My parents were rich merchant.
The reason why I went to Jerusalem was to deliver the goods to the ruler of Rome(Pilatus).
I was out of the dormitory as I wanted to see the outside.
I have been mixed in a lot of crowd, because I was called Stone god.

(I felt uncomfortable in my tooth =It showed the contents of channeling is true.)

The reason why I decided to go to Japan will be understood, if I tell my experience.
I was also conveyed such contents which had been written in Dead Sea Scrolls, as I was dominated by the Ruler's Stars.
(The Ruler's Stars told the humans terrifying future by which they tried to rule humans.【by Takashi】 )

As I was dominated and felt painful, I consulted with Jesus.
He told me if I wore the crown made of thorns, the voice would stop being heard.
Therefore I wore it.
Then the voice really stopped being heard and I thought Jesus was right.
I escaped together with Jesus.
The sails of the ship just proceeded steadily.
I arrived in Japan while sidetracked along the way.
When we arrived in Japan, the people around the harbor welcomed us very carefully.
Because it had been transmitted through the exchange of ships that the parents of Noah and Noah had made effort for the Japanese people.
We moved to the south in Japan by being called by Stone gods.
Some people came out scared when we three men went to the distant place from around the harbor.
Therefore we decided to act away from Jesus.
As we were still much afraid of pursuers might come, we decided to live away from the Sea of Japan that was warm and flourished at that time."

As I heard the origin of the name of Bartholomew, I thought the channeling info was true.
Therefore I sent the letter to Vatican.
I explained I was a channeler and wrote I heard the following through channeling.
* The origin of the name of Bartholomew.

* Judah was Jesus' best friend.

* Jesus told he hates the cross is put up.

I sent the letter written above contents to Vatican.
Of course I had no reply from Vatican.
However I worried about the subsequent behavior of the pope and I was watching the news.
It was certain that the pope would go around, went to Greece etc and met with each person of religions.

When I was involved in the spirit world until 1998, I had heard the name of Bartholomew and I thought it was a strange name.
The subordinates of the Ruler's Stars seemed to have the channeling through this name, and I was told it was likely actual consciousness had not descended.
As Bartholomew told good at that time, I was attracted to him.
When I was going to New York, I was asked where I wanted to go.
When I was viewing the map, the word of Bartholomew church and Temple Emanuel looked clearly as if they had been floated up and I had him take me to Bartholomew church.

Thank you for your mail.

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