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By Sennari

This info is from Let's solve the enigma of the earth


Feb 13, 2005


Feb. 12. 2005

TV program "The discovery of mystery" aired there are the underground sarcophagus in the water 40m deep.
I was told through channeling as follows.

"Osiris was the being between a human and Sirius.
Osiris (who had the green body)is said he was the god of agriculture, but he was not.

Image collection of Osiris


Rich soil is the body of Stone god.
The wheat was also devised by Stone gods.
The reason why they were able to dig deep underground was the body of the giant of Stone god was soft.
The humans who were dominated by the Ruler's Stars dug it at the direction of the Ruler's Stars.
The Ruler's Stars ordered to drill holes in the body of Stone gods in the harassment so that the giant would not revive.
The giant who turned into the mound also turned into the soil so that humans were able to use the surface of the mound as the field with the soil.
The Ruler's Stars ordered to drill holes in the mounds of the giants and changed them into the rocks ."

(I was told big stars send powerful energy to the earth by which they can make the solid objects like jewels.)

"Though Osiris was a human, he became the fellow of vicious stars by being fooled by the Ruler's Stars.
As he was affected by the Ruler's Stars, he was able to do various things like miracles and he was worshiped as God.
As people regard him as God even now, I made a person see a nasty dream.*"

*Dream="The thing like green mummy is suffering much.

The baby of it has a lot of poo."

I got a mail from one of the readers of my site reporting the above dream.
I told Osiris as the words of the atoms from the sky as follows.

"The being who afflicted you was Satan.
As Satan was gone, please leave the body of the mummy in the form of the subconscious mind and go to The Ohmoto(the central) in the universe.
Farming will be conveyed as it is because it was taught by Stone gods who turned into the fertile land.
As Sirius gave humans wisdom, such as architecture and science, humans appreciate it very much.
Since Sirius has been revered as the teacher of science, please return to The Ohmoto(the central) and rest without any grudge against the humans."

If we think in such a way, the grudge will turn into the poo and will be flown off, I was told from the beings in the universe.
According to the myths of Osiris, his body was torn apart but they were gathered by Isis and Isis revived him as God.

Not to change the subject, Muura, son of Noah came to Japan with his parents after "the Giant Deluge of Noah".
But as he was Stone man, he was targeted by the Ruler's Stars and also was torn apart like Isis and was buried in many places in Japan.

Image collection of Isis



In case of the murder of Muura, his body was not carried to anywhere and was left at Mt.Ohe in Japan, but his limbs were scattered here and there as they were light and easy to carry around.

The myth of Osiris looks like the one of Mura who was cruelly murdered and was torn apart.
Isis collected torned body of Osiris and revived him.
Revived body of Osiris was made into god.
In case of Muura, his body were not carried to anywhere and left at Motoise of Mt. Ohoe.
However the limbs which were easy to carry seemed to be scattered here and there.
The head was buried at the stone stairs of Grand Shrine of Ise which is called "Non-step stone".
The legs were buried at Ashiou shrine in Okayama Prefecture.
His penis was buried at Tubaki shrine in Ehime shrine.

Thank you for your mail.

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