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yThe story of Stone humans z@

By Sennari

This info is from@ Let's solve the enigma of the earth

January 20, 2008

yThe story of Stone humans z

As the atoms of Stone gods were able to turn into any shape which they wanted to be, they formed the shapes along their purposes.
They turned into a variety of forms ranging from great giants like mountains, angels and dwarfs.
After many trials and errors, they found the shape of modern humans are the best of all.@
They turned into Stone humans whose components are made of the same components as Stone gods in the caves in the mountains or mounds of Stone gods or in the stone boxes .
Various types of Stone humans turned up on the earth and they lived happily.
However the Ruler's Stars saw the earth and thought they would not let only Stone humans monopolize the earth.
Therefore the Ruler's Stars made a plan to solidify Stone humans and change them into stones.
Stone humans realized the plan of the Ruler's Stars and they wanted to leave descendants and requested the aid to the stars which had supported the earth.
It is the true reason why the humans were born.
The atoms of the bodies of Stone humans remembered the shape of Stone humans and decomposed.
They got the energy from Stone gods inside the stone circles and turned into the humans.

As those humans who were born first found it difficult to get energy from the food, they died soon.
Therefore Stone gods devised the delicious and nutritious food to eat.
Humans in Japan ate them and came to be able to live on their own without the help of Stone humans in the early stage.
Though Stone gods or Stone humans were the origin of humans and had protected humans by giving food etc, the Ruler's Stars concealed the existence of them after Stone humans and Stone gods had turned into the soil and stones.
Stone humans of Egypt and Europe who took care of humans to the late age knew it and decided to leave the evidence of their existence .
Therefore they turned into stone statues whose shape were like humans.

Stone humans entered into the wall and represented how humans were born by mural.
Moreover the atoms of the bodies of Stone humans decomposed into finer material and left the stories between Stone humans and humans as mosaic or pictures.

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