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Super-ancient relics | Locmariaquer | Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.  

By Sennari

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

June 12, 2005

Super-ancient relics | Locmariaquer | Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

More than 150 relics of the temples,   Are they the oldest civilization in Europe? …Reported by British newspaper

June 11, 2005

【London= Syuichi Dosyo】

British newspaper Independent on 11th. reported more than 150 ruins of the temples which were excavated in the vast area of the central Europe as Germany, Austria and Slovakia.
They were estimated to have been erected BC 4600-4800 years ago.
According to Independent the department which was responsible for the excavation was State of Saxony, Germany, cultural heritage departments.
The temples were circular and they were made of soil and timber.
It is said there were settlements around the temples in which cattle like sheep, goats, and pigs were kept.
This civilization disappeared in 200 years, and the cause is not known.

We can find the following matters from the above article.
The circular represent Stone gods.
However Stone gods there did not give the direction to the giants to make the stone circle.
Therefore giants made the circle with soil and timber.
The soil circle is also left as the lap bank grave of Kiusu, in Hokkaido, Japan and the earth circle of Asibetu, Hokkaido, Japan.
The giant of Stone men kept sheep, goats and pigs as the food for humans early.
However the giants died off because the soup stopped coming out and the end of this civilization came.
Therefore this civilization disappeared in 200 years.
It corresponds to the channeling info.

May 10, 2005

"I'm Stone god of Germany.
Let me tell the following two things.

1)Relics which were the work of Stone gods will come out in Germany, too.

2)We made Crop Circles side by side.

I'd like to make them besides flowers."

*I am going to sleep from now.

*Ms Taeko Shiraki is usually woken up for channeling at night when she is asleep.
After she writes down what was told through the channeling on the bed, she sleeps again.
Therefore she writes "I am going to sleep from now."

The above was known to me through channeling when I visited France and the UK in May.
As it was the info from the world of the subconscious mind, I didn't know if it would achieve in real society.
Therefore I wrote it in the announcement page for members only of my site.
Though I can't say what was told about Crop Circle by Stone gods will come true now, relics really came out.

Since then Stone gods in Germany apologized me not to have left many Megalithic ruins like France and England.

At midnight on June 11, 2005

"The reason why there are a lot of Megalithic ruins of Stone gods in France and the UK is the European queen of Sagittarius came down to France.
The body of the queen turned into the fertile soil for humans.

(She was kind enough to have turned into the fertile soil is the same as the American queen of Sagittarius. )

However we found humans had forgot our effort and had indulged in Marianism only.
Therefore we named the relics Locmariaquer which means 'Kick Mary Magdalene who is not good(in Japanese)'.
The square pattern with long line(tubes) represents the queen of Sagittarius.
The long line (tubes) also represent the tubes by which giants suck the soup.
Humans imitated the pattern and they have come to make the crowns.


However bad stars sent the insects with the tentacles to the earth so that they could conceal the true meaning of the pattern with long line(tube)."

(I was also told about this relics with the explanation humans have the square thinking and don't recognize there is the subconscious mind in the universe.
Therefore the earth sends the signal of SOS with the long tubes, was told.
However I was told the pattern has the meaning of the crown, too.)

In the morning on June 11

"I'm the queen of Sagittarius .

There used to be the circle (the stone circle)which I made first under the house near the harbor.
It can't be seen now as a house was built on it."

[Nissan's executive remuneration, 200 and 60 million yen, industry-leading average one]
(This is the title of the article and the article is omitted. 【by Takashi】)

I couldn't absolutely convince when I saw this article, because I have seen people on the line who were working in the factory as hot as 40 degrees day and night in the auto companies, or I have seen people who fray the nerves and suffer from neurosis or have suicided in the Technology Department.
I know the company consists thanks to those workers.
I wonder why those directors can get such incredible amount of remuneration.
The being from the sky always tell me the earth wants to give people benefit equally.
Toyota earned consolidated net income more than doubled Nissan to about 35 million yen.(by Taeko Shiraki)

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