Religious issues

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Religious issues(by Mr. I.W) 

By Sennari

This info is from  Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Religious issues are considered related to THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.

『The Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth 』

Religious issues(by Mr. I.W)

I think a lot of the Japanese people are non-religious and are not interested in religions.
However the general public begin the year by visiting the shrines or the temples.
We will do the events in Bon equinoctial week in summer.
One year ends by hearing the temple bells on New Year's Eve.
We visit the shrines as soon as a baby is born.
We celebrate the festival (on November 15th) for children of three, five and seven years of age in the shrines.
Christianity as well as Buddhism and Shinto are involved in the wedding.
We perform a funeral by some kind of religions.
In this way, the religions have entered into a part of our everyday life before we realized.
And we happen to be incorporated therein insidiously without thinking.
In the background we have a vague belief that the religion will make the better world and make it peaceful.
However as we have been incorporated in religion insidiously, we should consider the Religious issues again.
We see each religious conflict, and war and terrorism happen from them .
There is a dispute, even within the same religious denomination.
When we see those points we find religion has no relation to the peace.
I can't cut off the scandal caused by religious people.
Why do such ugly events take place?
I think there are serious hidden drawbacks in religions.

The biggest problem of religion is that we come no longer to think or judge for ourselves.
We are told to do some act according to the teaching in religion.
We are told there is no doubt as great people are saying so.
Therefore we come to stop thinking or judging for ourselves.
In extreme story we may think all the religions except the ones that we believe are wrong and the religions which do not serve the world should be erased.
The believers who do not think for themselves may do rash behavior according to the instruction of their boss.
You may be willing to break the law when you are told to do some act.
Anyone who can think normally can predict what results will be brought about by their action.
However those who has come to stop thinking for themselves can't do the right decision and become the puppets by the direction of other person.
When we look at the religion from a different perspective, we can regard the religion is the tool to dominate humans.
There are many cases on the history in which religious people deleted the inconvenient part in the teaching to dominate believers.
If you have entered the religion, please try to ask yourself whether you act and judge for yourself.
Haven't you ever felt a contradiction to what you are told by the religious people?

Don't you have blind faith to the words of others?
Haven't you convinced what others told you?

Though I'm afraid to tell the personal matter, I have been involved in religion about 23 years from the mid-20s.
The conclusion that came out from my experience in religion is it is nothing but the service just under the name of faith.
It is the exploitation by the name of charity.
It is nothing but the stop of thinking and domination under the name of teaching.
This is the hidden truth of the religion that was got through my experience of life of religion.
I felt the religion tells the truth of 9 out of 10.
However it deceives people skillfully by the remaining one, brainwash and rule them.
I was able to realize it first time when I exited from the religion.

The reason why I was able to exit from religion was my sincere hope to know the truth.
On the Internet, there was the answer to that.
There was something more in the internet.
I realized religion is the thing which was made to dominate humans.
As I was going to devote myself to religious life, I was shocked as if it had been a bolt from the blue and I was afraid I might not be recovered.
But I rethought that all that happen in this world have the meaning in them.
Thanks to that way of thinking, my life became the one which had been 180 degrees different compared with the previous one.
First of all, I realized it's very important to start by thinking in my own head.
I think it is necessary to start from knowing a lot of useful information for thinking in my head.
There are lots of informations in the internet world.
However, there is no choice but to decide for myself which is the truth among countless informations.
I would like to transmit the info of Let's solve the enigma of the earth which I hope will become one of those useful infos.

Stop thinking and stereotypes

Though I wrote in the above, religion make people plunge into stop thinking, I had fallen into stop thinking in the wake of re-employment just recently. 
Therefore let's think about it.
Thanks to the info of Let's solve the enigma of the earth I was freed from the bondage of the religion four years ago.
I thought I would be free from a brain freeze any more.
But when I went to the new workplace by re-employment, I came to experience a brain freeze again.
As I was inexperienced in the workplace in a different field, it took time to get used to the new work.
I had to start the work without any knowledge or experience, and I was fallen into a series of tension because I did not know what to do.
I got stuck in my head in front of the emotional boss, and I found most of my brain did not work and I got too nervous.
However thanks to the advice at such time that I should try to think back to the starting point again, I realized all I had to do is to change myself so as to solve the problem.
When I get down, I might have forgotten the most important basic thing.
It is the stereotype = I must not do this or that.
The stereotype prevented me from looking at the situation objectively, thinking and judging for myself.
I found I was not able to think what to do or what I should not do then.
Therefore I tried to find the way how to think, how to judge and how to act.
I also tried to predict the result of my act.
I tried to think out another way.
When I came to think in this way, I found it seemed to me the situation was the same as the time when I had been succeeded in exiting from the religion.
In case of religion, they threaten believers and instill a stereotype to them by many orders so as not to think any matters for themselves in order to bring about the brain freeze of believers, by which religions rule the believers and manipulate them at will.
And also how to get out of there, in the same way as when I was released from the bondage of religion, I thought I had to think and act to determine with an objective look at things calmly.
I came to remember things before exiting religions and thought I should act in the same way.

As I was involved in religion two dozen years, I had fallen into a state with a lot of stereotype which forced me I had to be like this unconsciously.
Though I thought I had been released from the bondage of religion, I found I had not actually been released.
Moreover I found I had not noticed it.
I interpreted I have only to do the thing which I was asked to do and did'nt have to do anything which I was not asked to do.
It was nothing but the stereotype and I thought I should not do the thing which I was not asked to do.
I thought I should not do something extra.
I thought I should not do unnecessary thing in any case.
I thought all I have to do is to do what I was told to do.
As I had such stereotype, the long and short of it, I came to think I had only to do the decided things only.
Therefore I lacked of insight into things, only be able to support mid-odd and I was really my own pace.
I came to realize I had not been changed at all.
I think I have to change myself now.
However it may not be easy to change myself.

Many may have the same stereotype with me.
In that case you have to continue to think that only steady efforts is needed to find the stereotype(= you must be like this) which is lurking within you and you have to remove the stereotype.
Now I would like to be a man who has a flexible thought with more rich ideas.
I think it may be true both in religion and common sense.

(By I.W)

We are apt to misunderstand.
All the rhombus have the same color.

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