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"Obare Stone" on Mt. Gozaisyodake,Japan @

By Sennari

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Oct. 15,2002

"Obare Stone"on Mt. Gozaisyodake, Japan


Though it looks like a small point when seen from the foot of the mountain, it was made by the queen of Sagittarius so that it might represent "the mouth" was told through channeling.
You can know its big size compared to the size of the human whom you can find at the bottom of the rock.
There is a gap between rocks.

Postscript on Oct. 21, 2010

I was told the shape of the earth in the early days was just like these two rectangle box-type.
A semicircle of Mar lock in Australia has something to do with this rocks.



Mar lock in Australia

How did these rectangle box-type become round?
As Stone gods of the four corners of rectangle box-type descended to the earth later and taught various matters to humans, "Obareish Stone" came to be worshiped as the god.

The mineral water of the fountain in Rome, Qanat rich vein of desert of Iran and rich spring water of Kakita River or Mt.Youtei in Japan show the water is filtered in the underground, by which we can understand the underground is not filled with magma.

I was told from the beginning the queen of Sagittarius descended to the earth with the king of Pluto on her back.
The Obare of "Obare Stone" means "carry on the back" in Japanese.
I didn't know why the queen of Sagittarius had come to the earth by carrying the king of Pluto.
However I came to know the reason on June 30, 2005.
I was told the subconsciousness doesn't die in Sagittarius and have to live forever.
Therefore they wanted to finish their lives once and wanted to start the new life.
I was told that is why the king of Pluto who govern the world after death was brought by the queen.
Thanks to the king of Pluto humans have longevity and can be born again and can enjoy the new life.

Thank you for your mail.

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